Barium sulfate in bad weather transport should pay attention to what matters

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Barium sulfate in the production process, the more afraid is to encounter the phenomenon of moisture, this situation leads to the increase of barium sulfate moisture, seriously affecting its performance, so today we will learn about its waterproof measures.

Barium sulfate in bad weather transport should pay attention to what matters

barium sulfate, what I am afraid of is the phenomenon of returning to the tide. This situation leads to the increase of moisture in barium sulfate, which seriously affects its performance. So today we will learn about its waterproof measures.

1. rainy days: the ignition of barium sulfate causes adverse factors, not only delay the delivery time, drivers and manufacturers will also worry about being wet by rain during transportation and loading and unloading, and in the process of loading, the vehicle should be parked in the workshop or in a place where the rain cannot be poured, so that no water will be encountered before and after loading. After loading, be sure to tell the driver to cover the tarpaulin. In the whole process, it is necessary to check whether there is any leakage of rain, so as to be on the road with confidence. Once in the process of transportation and other phenomena such as water again, for these due to unilateral impact, the manufacturer is not responsible, so in order to ensure that the product transportation is not affected, we must pay attention to the manufacturer's product transportation problems.

2. barium sulfate in the packaging process, must be in the packaging time to ensure that there will be no powder leakage phenomenon, can not use a damaged bag, packaging material is also very critical. There are many kinds of outer packaging for barium sulfate, such as: kraft paper bag packaging, double-sided film packaging. The packaging of barium sulfate is lined. For transportation, relevant transportation agreements should be signed with the driver to ensure the safe transportation of goods to the hands of customers. The moisture of barium sulfate exposed to rain increases and Ma Haihui agglomerates. When users use it, they can't use it at all, because they are all small pimples that cannot be dispersed and will lead to the phenomenon of users returning goods.

If the above two situations are avoided, barium sulfate will not get caught in the rain. Some drivers are short-distance transportation. In case of sudden heavy rain, think of some way. Temporary stop for emergency shelter from rain, never transport in the rain, and avoid unnecessary losses.

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